Regd. E-34045 (Mumbai)

Tax Exemption ITBA/EXM /S / 80G / 2020-21 / 1028109540 (1)

Who we are

We are normal human beings, just like you.

This is simply a thought process we started some time back, that we have finally archived.

In life, everyone sees a lot of ups and downs but the one who bounces back and stays ahead of time is preferred by society.And this trust aims to help out these very Rocky Balboas. The effort and investment through this trust will be for upliftment of people who still live in hope after giving their best. Who bounce back after every failure. Who believe that something good can still happen and keep on trying till they find their last breath or success.

What we do

Everyone has potential.

But honing this potential requires resources that not everyone is privy too.

We hope to bridge this gap. We want to provide resources to lay a level playing field. We want to break socio-economic barriers, enable people, share knowledge and help all citizens become contributing members of society.

We are inspired by

Agnostic, as the name suggests, goes beyond religion. We see humanity as a single entity without segregation based on beliefs. We draw inspiration from great people doing great deeds, regardless of their caste, creed or faith.

We seek to imitate the altruism of Mother Teresa, Ratan Tata, Azim Premji, and various other changemakers who have looked beyond the superficials divide created by society and aimed to raise the wellbeing of mankind as a whole.


Fulfilment- in every possible way. The focus remains on education, medication and all other basic amenities required to be self-dependent.


To see selfless support system built in society with the expectation of only receiving blessings in return for acts of goodwill.

Bank details as follows.
Account Name: Agnostic Trust
Account Type: Current
Bank Name: NKGSB Co-op. Bank Ltd.
Branch: Dindoshi
Account Number: 011110100003414
IFSC Code: NKGS0000011
MICR Code: 400086011